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MELT - Timetable

The MELT project has two main phases:

Phase I: October 2006 – October 2007

  • A detailed audit of MELT resources will be carried out by March 2007. 
  • A group of experienced indexers will be identified by project content partners and will receive training related to the use of an existing multilingual thesaurus for school education, automatic metadata generation tools and automatic metadata translation tools.
  • A federation of learning resource repositories will be established linking the content collections of MELT partners. This will be based on a ‘brokerage system’ architecture developed in an earlier project and MELT will provide new tools to make it easy for repositories to connect to this federation.
  • A web portal for schools will be developed that will enable teachers and pupils to access MELT content, all of which is being made available under Creative Commons licences.
  • A sufficient quantity of content enriched with new metadata (created by experienced indexers and automatically) will be available in June 2007 to allow the first experimentation activities with teachers to begin.
  • Phase II: October 2007 – December 2008

  • Starting in October 2007, schools from across Europe will be able to freely access the MELT content and will be encouraged to add their own metadata to content they have used via. folksonomy tools that are available on the MELT portal.
  • During this phase, the group of experienced indexers and teachers working in the project will provide information and support materials to the wider group of teachers using the MELT portal and tagging MELT content.
  • The MELT system will be evaluated using both focus groups of teachers and via. ‘pilots’ in four countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, Hungary) involving approximately 40 schools.
  • By December 2008, a formative and summative evaluation will show how the enrichment of MELT content with new metadata leads to better discovery, delivery and integration of learning resources for cross-border, multilingual and multicultural use.